Why this moving is opposed – the second part

This is the second part of the reason why this moving is opposed.

New tourist facilities, Senkyaku banrai

Tokyo government has been planned New Toyosu market has adjoining new facilities, Senkyaku banrai, for sightseeing.

According to
Tokyo, they estimates that about millions tourists will visit there in a year, but the workers at some of the market suppose it is very obstacle.

Besides, the new facility has another problem of carrying out products.

Because the carrying root of new facility compete against root of vegetable market.
If the road for new facility has traffic jam, it impacts road for the vegetable market terribly.

about this point, Tokyo says ‘the new facility needs permission for their carrying root by vegetable market.

However, vegetable market will needs the road indeed, so where does the new facility carry from?

With this problem, the business operator, Kiyomura and Daiwa kogyo expressed they will leave from this business.

Now , a new company, Manyo club Inc. express they will join this business, but the plan of Tokyo is not clear still now.


Soil contamination of Toyosu
Besides, another big Remarkable issue came into light.

The place that was planned as new market in Toyosu was a place where Tokyo gas’s product factory had placed.
For this fact, according to Soil survey, benzene that is Carcinogenic substance, as 43,000 much as Environmental standards is detected, in some soil.
Besides, another contamination products were detected a lot.

It is Fatal matter for the place where handles food.

The people who opposed this movement requested the government to cancel this project or delay this project.
Tokyo city announced they have a perfect solution for this, but it is difficult to clear their worries whose the workers and buyers at the market.

The next, I will describe the present situation.