コロナに向けて / For corona virus

*English below Japanese.






このブログは元々、築地移転問題のために立ち上げました。それはその時の力不足により途中で更新が頓挫してしまいま したが…。



大事なことはこの問題を解決すること。そのためには真実の追及が必要 です。

Its very long time to update this blog.

Now, you know, corona virus is spreading in the world and each countries are very serious situation.

From here, this is my opinion and I think the action of government in Japan is worse so much than any other countries.
Then we want to solve it by ourselves but this issue are not possible without governance.
Besides, on the internet, there are too many information. From right to wrong.

There is no best answer and I don’t have best solution for corona now.
But if we talk in more public place, we might have better solutions, it’s possible to change something better by public opinions.
I thought so, then I have started writing this anyway.

Perhaps, there may be no meaning or useless. But I hope to share what information is right, create any beginning of more discussion and help solutions by these articles.
For foreigners who live in Japan and who are interested in, love Japan, I hope this blog to be useful, besides for the world. So I will write post in English, too. I’m sorry if I had mistake in English, because Im not a native speaker…

At first, I made this blog for Tsukiji-Toyosu issue. But it was failed because my energy wasnt enough…
However, I never mean to give up Tsukiji!
Then the cause of these issues are same, I think.

Why I use here again is because it includes my these will and pep talk to me, so I will write here.

Here, it will respect your freedom of speech. You can criticize my posts. However, I’d like to ask you to keep common blog rules, manner and moral, pleasure.

Then please read this blog objectively. My study is not enough and perhaps, there may be wrong understanding. If you find it, please let me know. This is a kind of advocacy blog, thank you.
I think whom we need to fight against, is not corona, but the present government and the idea or system that Japan have till today.
The important thing is to solve this issues. For it, it is required to seek the truth.

[2020.04.18 Updated]
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